Federal Agencies

Federal Agencies

Nebraska harvested field.

Federal Agencies participate in CESUs within the scope of their respective missions and administrative structure. Federal agencies are substantially involved in CESU activities, working closely with host universities and/or partner institutions on research, technical assistance, and education. With multiple federal agencies working together with institutional staff, the potential for cost sharing, improved efficiency, and cooperative activities is significantly increased. Collaborative projects among agencies are encouraged and are facilitated through the CESU agreements.

To find the Federal Representative for each agency, please visit here.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Technical Representative: Alred F. Cofrancesco; Al.F.Cofrancesco@usace.army.mil

Signatory Administrative Representative: Sherry Whitaker; sherry.l.whitaker@usace.army.mil


U.S. Department of Defense

Technical Representative: Alan B. Anderson; alan.b.anderson@usace.army.mil

Signatory Administrative Representative: Kathy Mitchell; kathy.S.Mitchell@usace.army.mil


Farm Service Agency

Technical Representative: Rich Lovanna; Rich.livanna@wdc.usda.gov


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Technical Representative: Greg Watson; Greg_Watson@fws.gov

Administrative Representative: Tammy Mayne or Patrick McKenney; FW6_CGS_FA@fws.gov


U.S. Department of Agriculture -
Forest Service

Technical Representative: Paulette Ford; plford@fs.fed.us

Administrative Representative: Cindy Gordon; cdgordon@fs.fed.us


U.S. Geological Survey

Technical Representative: Robert Swanson; rswanson@usgs.gov

Administrative Representative: Faith D. Graves; fgraves@usgs.gov


U.S. Department of Commerce -
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Technical Representative: Christopher Strager; christopher.strager@noaa.gov

Administrative Representative: Michael Liddel; michael.liddel@noaa.gov


U.S. Department of Interior -
Bureau of Indian Affairs

Technical Representative: Rachael Novak; Rachael.novak@bia.gov

Administrative Representative: Jo Ann Metcalfe; jo.metcalfe@bia.gov


U.S. Department of Interior -
Bureau of Land Management

Technical Representative: Paige Wolkin; pwolken@blm.gov

Administrative Representative: Matt Burns; mburns@blm.gov


U.S. Department of Interior -
Bureau of Reclamation

Technical Representative: Terri Denali; sdenali@usbr.gov

Administrative Representative: Lindsey Nafts; lnafts@usbr.gov


National Park Service

Technical Representative: Tanya Shenk; tanya_shenk@nps.gov

Administrative Representative: Noel Ann Miller; noel_miller@nps.gov


Natural Resources Conservation Service

Technical Representative: Jacqueline Davis-Slay; Jacqueline.Davis-Slay@wdc.usda.gov

Administrative Representative: Ms. Sundii Johnson; Sundii.johnson@usda.gov


Western Area Power Adminstration

Technical Representative: pending

Administrative Representative: pending