Great Plains CESU Graduate Student Award

Great Plains CESU Graduate Student Award

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The Great Plains-CESU is pleased to provide an annual Graduate Student Award in recognition of the mission of the CESU system for training students and involving students in partnership research projects. Our award recognizes outstanding accomplishments by graduate students involved in Great Plains-CESU projects.

Graduate Student Award


The criteria used to select award recipients are broad and flexible, but generally fall into the following categories:

  • The student has delivered an outstanding service or product, such as exceptionally research project or well-written thesis or other product.
  • The student's work has had a direct and exceptional impact on federal agency resource management.
  • The student's work is of exceptional educational value to the federal agency and/or the general public.
  • The student must be currently enrolled in the final year of their graduate program, or have graduated within the previous academic year of the current application deadline.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations can come from either the academic partner or the federal agency. Nominators must submit all the required information (see second page) in electronic format to the Great Plains-CESU office ( by the annual deadline.

Evaluation and Selection Process

After receipt of materials, the Great Plains-CESU will ask for a letter of support for 2-3 finalists. Nominations from academic advisors will be asked for letters from the collaborating federal agency partner and vice versa. All nominations are reviewed and evaluated by the Great Plains-CESU academic team.

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