Great Plains-CESU Graduate Student Award

The Great Plains-CESU is pleased to provide an annual Graduate Student Award in recognition of the mission of the CESU system for training students and involving students in partnership research projects. Our award recognizes outstanding accomplishments by graduate students involved in Great Plains-CESU projects.

2018 Graduate Student Award

Award Nomination Process and Criteria


The criteria used to select award recipients are broad and flexible, but generally fall into the following categories:

  • The student has delivered an outstanding service or product, such as exceptionally research project or well-written thesis or other product.
  • The student’s work has had a direct and exceptional impact on federal agency resource management.
  • The student’s work is of exceptional educational value to the federal agency and/or the general public.
  • The student must be in their last year of their graduate program or graduated in the academic year prior to the deadline.

    Nominations can come from either the academic partner or the federal agency; however, both must endorse the nomination. A nomination consists of providing all the required information and sending it (in electronic format) directly to the Great Plains-CESU Director, Larkin Powell. The deadline for nominations is December 14, 2018.

    EVALUATION AND SELECTION PROCESS All nominations are reviewed and evaluated by the Great Plains-CESU Director. The winner will receive a travel reimbursement by the Great Plains-CESU to help fund a portion of their travel to the Annual Meeting at which the award is announced.

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2017 Winner

Andrew Taylor

On behalf of the entire Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit Staff, it is our pleasure to award the 2017 Graduate Student Award to Dr. Andrew Taylor. Andrew was selected for the award because of his accomplishments on the project: “Assess genetic integrity, population status, and long-term viability of isolated populations of shoal bass in Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.” His research project was funded through a Great Plains CESU funding agreement between Oklahoma State University and the National Park Service. Andrew has clearly demonstrated the outstanding qualities we look for in our student recipients of this award.

We are also grateful to Andrew’s graduate adviser, Dr. James Long, for his nomination of Andrew. We also received a generous statement of support from our agency partner, William Cox, with the National Park Service.

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